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Words I have found that ring true for me every time, you get whqat you pay for!

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Everybody has their favorite scrub top.  Some folks like them roomy with lots of pockets and others like them very formfitting with fashion details.  So are you more into fashion or function?  With many of the new styles of tops, you don’t have to choose!  

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Please understand this: Taking care of your self is not selfish.  

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If you are able to wear any color to your job; you are in the minority.  It seems more and more hospitals, clinics and medical offices are going to specific colors for positions or departments.  But if you are free to choose your colors, let us help you make the right choice!

No matter how cute the cut or how flattering the fit, if the color clashes with your natural coloring, it’s just not going to work.  Rest assured that what every your perfect color is, we have a scrub in that color!  We hope this helps.  Thank you for reading our blog and supporting our small business!

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In 2013 we did a system upgrade on our website and on our operating system in house.  It was a lot of work, but it resulted in an improved shopping experience with enhanced search and sort features.  Our 2013 upgrade allowed us to improve your shopping experience with multiple views of each item and full and complete product descriptions to help you make an informed choice.  We also added live chat to give you another avenue for information and help with existing orders or new orders.  That system served us well for the last five years, but now it’s time for the next step.

Within the next 30 days we will be rolling out our new and improved website and in house operating system.  We are excited about the changes and also excited that some of our favorite features from the existing site will still be available. 

The first thing you notice will be the flow of the site.  It will have a smooth, organic feel and will give you instant access from the home page to shop by brand or category.  You will then be able to narrow your search with the filters to find just what you need without all the endless searching.

We listened to your comments and we will make the color blocks larger with an even larger pop up block when you hover on the color so you can see exactly what you are getting along with the color name assigned by the manufacturer.  You said that our current method to add embroidery to your garment was a little confusing so we have redesigned the monogram feature to be super easy to understand and use.

We are working very hard with a team of IT professionals and programmers to bring you the very best shopping experience possible online.  We do not anticipate any interruption in service during the transition from the old system to the new.  But be assured we are ready for anything. J

With all these changes we are going through to keep up with the technology, we understand, all the technology in the world will not replace the human touch.  When you call us, you will not be “helped” by an automated operator that makes you wind your way through a maze of prompts; you will speak to a live person.  During normal business hours we will be available by phone or chat.  We will respond to all emails within one business day with a personal response tailored to your needs and not some auto-generated general form with the FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you for your past business and your patience as we move through this transition.  We at look forward to being your source for all your future uniform needs. 

We would love to hear from you.  How can we improve your online shopping experience? 

Call 855.391-9200, reach us by live chat during our normal business hours, M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm CST or email





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It could be the temperature in the room, or it could be a high pressure situation; but you know you're going to sweat because you give it 110% all the time. My advice is, don't sweat the small stuff", but when the heat is on, we've got you covered. You can stay dry and comfortable in the, moisture wicking, high tech fabrics available now more than ever before. No longer do you have to settle for just a few styles or colors. Our top manufacturers have heard the cry for comfortable, breathable, great looking uniforms and they have answered the call in more ways than you can imagine.

Activate by Med Couture® is a collection that provides a 4-Way Stretch fabric that works as hard as you do. The fabric provides comfort and freedom of movement and is breathable to keep you cool. The wicking technology pulls moisture away from your body to keep you dry all day long. Throw it in the wash because it is wrinkle resistant for easy care. As great looking as it feels great, you will love this collection! Made from 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex 4 Way Energy Stretch - Breathable keeps you cool - Wrinkle resistant for easy care - Quick drying wicking functionality moves moisture away from the body.

Performance RX - With Athleisure no longer being a trend but a lifestyle, you are looking for comfort. Comfort and function are exceptionally relevant and critical for you as you spend your shifts bending, lifting and stretching. The Performance RX collection is an outstanding choice as it provides innovative fabric that wicks moisture, is omni-stretch and antimicrobial. This collection is also great because it offers on-trend athletic styling and fit, core colors and extended sizes. Made from 93% Polyester / 7% Spandex Omni-Stretch Micro-Pique Moisture Wicking with Anti-Microbial Odor Control Technology.

The EON collection by Maevn introduces COOLMAX® fabric technology. This technology employs specially engineered fibers that draw moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer cool and dry. The lightweight, soft and breathable mesh material combined with our styling gives you a touch of sleek performance while maintaining a professional look. EON fabric is designed to be a wash and wear material that dries fast, is wrinkle resistant with minimal shrinkage. Made from 59% Polyester / 22% Rayon / 13% Elasterell-P Dupont Certified Fabric, Moisture Wicking, Quick Drying, Soft to Touch.

Rockwell collection by Carhartt take comfort and fit to new heights! Seams are contoured to flatter curves, while the poly/cotton fabric provides a soft surface and soothing texture. FastDry® technology for quick wicking, and Stain Breaker® technology releases stains. The best part is these scrubs are easy on your wallet as well! Made from 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Stretch Poplin Fabric with - FastDry® technology for quick wicking - Stain Breaker® technology releases stains.

Koi Lite scrubs are for work and wherever life takes you. The fabric makes the entire collection lightweight, soft and extremely durable. The Koi Lite scrubs are breathable with wicking properties that keep away moisture and won't shrink, fade or wrinkle. It's a true performance stretch fabric that moves with you at work or play! Made from 100% Polyester Dobby Performance Stretch Rib trim: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex - Breathable, moisture wicking - Superior stretch fabric that keeps its shape - Light weight and soft, but extremely durable - Wrinkle free.

Urbane Performance Quick-Cool keeps you cool with strategically placed knit panels that feature quick-dry technology to ensure you stay cool and dry all day long. Made from 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex 4-Way Stretch Performance Fabric with Great Hand Feel, and Moisture Wicking technology.

Cross-Flex by Carhartt - FastDry®, Stain Breaker®, Rugged Flex® technology for quick wicking, stain releasing and ease of movement, Our innovative fabric uses FastDry® technology to wick away sweat to keep you dry, Stain Breaker® technology to release stains, and Rugged Flex® technology to provide stretch so it moves with you. Made from 94% Polyester / 6% Spandex Stretch Dobby Fabric.

Infinity by Cherokee is an athletic-inspired lifestyle collection for scrubs-wearing professionals. Designed for fit and performance, Infinity's modern styling and innovative designs offer fit-to-flatter detailing. Infinity features Certainty® fabric technology which reduces bacteria, wicks away moisture and is wrinkle free for easy care. Made from Certainty® 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex Antimicrobial Poplin: - 4-way stretch - Wicking and anti-static properties - Wrinkle free for easy care - Coverstitch detail for athletic feel - Provides long-lasting freshness and reliable protection against unwanted bacteria - Inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast and algae - Minimizes odors and stains due to bacteria - Prolongs the useful life of the garment.

AMPS Socks - The most comfortable and durable socks you will ever wear! Our Coolmax® yarns are moisture wicking and provide a thick comfortable foot bed for all-day comfort. Made from 40% Coolmax® Polyester / 40% Cotton / 13% Coolmax® Nylon / 3% Nylon / 3% Olefin / 1% Lycra.

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You actually get a day off, and how are you going to spend it? Shopping! With a bounce in your step and optimism in your heart, you make yourself presentable, hop in your car, or some mode of public transport, and take the 30 to 90 minute ride to the nearest store that has scrubs and lab coats. Oh yeah and don't forget you'll probably have the kids with you. So that means we can add car seats, carriers and strollers to the mix. You got this, right?

You get to the shopping center, find a place to park where you pray your car won't get dinged, then hoof it across the parking lot to the mall entrance. You imagine you're the next contestant on American Ninja Warrior as you dodge all the other shoppers and the pushy sales people at the kiosks. You narrowly escape the lady, with too much make up and big hair, spraying perfume on everyone who comes within five fee of her. Congratulations, you have gotten some good cardio time in, and have made it to the uniform shop!

You are now in full on hunter mode to find tops, pants, and a jacket in the color required by your department, in your size, and that doesn't make you look like you are wearing a bag. After spending an hour digging through racks and waiting your turn for a dressing room, you found the perfect top and jacket! Good thing because the kids are getting really bored, and you know what that will lead to. The top and jacket look great, but the only pants in your color and size they have in stock are petite length and you are 5'10". In desperation you wonder if you could start a new fad with Capri length scrub pants? You look in the mirror and realize, "Not going to happen." The next closest uniform store is in the next town over. Now what?

There are two kinds of people; one who would look at this as a wonderful way to spend their day off because they live to shop; and the other who would rather have their feet held over burning coals.

Ok, so if you're not one of those people who love the thrill of the hunt, but you gotta get some scrubs for work, never fear; the internet is here! Just Google "scrubs", I dare you. You'll be flooded with pages and pages of places to shop. You may be thinking, "I'll just go to the place that has everything!" You know who I'm talking about. Starts with an "A" and ends with a "mazon". Yes, you could do that, but let me tell you why I think you should shop with us instead.

Uniforms are our thing. It's all we do, so you know your uniform order is important to us. We've been in the uniform biz for over 20 years. We have a lady in our office that has been here the entire 20 years and really knows her stuff when it comes to scrubs and lab coats. And unlike those other websites, you can actually talk to her! Just ask for Sherri. We are a small business, but are giants in the field of customer service. We are available by phone or live chat during our normal business hours of M – F 8:30am – 4:30pm CST. During our off hours, when we are spending time with our families, you can leave a voice mail, a chat message or send us an email. We will get back to you on the next business day.

Information is power, right? We put lots of info on the website for each product so you can make an informed choice. Any time someone calls with a question on an item, we get the answer direct from the manufacturer and then we not only supply the answer to the person with the question, but we add that info to the product record on the website! One thing you won't see on our site, unlike you know who, is false or solicited reviews of items. Any product information on our site is 100% verified by the manufacturer of the garment.

We carry all the top brands and we ship direct to you from the manufacturer. This allows us to offer each manufacturers full product line in every color and size! Because all we do is healthcare apparel, we can do it better!

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