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By Michael McGrath 7 months ago 727 Views No comments


Over the years we have seen a lot of changes in attitudes about maternity fashion. There was a time when women did anything and everything to hide their increasing tummy; even to the point of staying home and avoiding social situations during the later stages of the pregnancy when it was not possible to hide their "condition".

Fast forward to today when it seems that anything goes when it comes to maternity wear on the street. Instead of trying to hide the "bump" we are doing are best to show it off in tight tops or clinging fabrics that accentuate the tummy as if saying "Look at me! I'm pregnant & proud of it!"

No matter what your style on the street; hiding or showing off the bump, work is another matter. We need to look professional while being comfortable. Though options for maternity wear in the nursing field are limited, we have some great new options with updated fit and style that we're pretty excited about.

You can see our full Maternity Line offering at: https://www.uniformsandscrubs.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=maternity

Cherokee Flexibles are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton in the body.

The top https://www.uniformsandscrubs.com/maternity-wrap-top.html

The pant https://www.uniformsandscrubs.com/maternity-flare-pant.html

The top has polyester knit panels down the sides for comfort and of course the pant has a wide scooped polyester knit waist band for comfort and tummy support. These are offered in thirteen colors. They even have one print top just to shake things up. https://www.uniformsandscrubs.com/dots-wonderful-maternity-print-top.html

Cherokee also makes a maternity top and pant in their Core Stretch fabric. 55% Cotton / 42% Polyester / 3% Spandex High Tech Stretch Fabric for all over stretch! 55% Cotton / 42% Polyester / 3% Spandex High Tech Stretch Fabric. The pant https://www.uniformsandscrubs.com/core-stretch-maternity-moderate-flare-pant.html and the top https://www.uniformsandscrubs.com/core-stretch-maternity-v-neck-top.html come in three colors.

WonderWink has another stretch fabric option made from 100% Super Silky Soft Polyester Stretch for easy care and, low maintenance. The top https://www.uniformsandscrubs.com/maternity-mock-wrap-top.html and the pant https://www.uniformsandscrubs.com/maternity-flare-cargo-pant.html come in five colors.

And the newest addition to the maternity line is from Urbane Ultimate made from 54% Rayon / 44% Polyester / 2% Spandex for no iron, great fit, soft, stretchy, lightweight and durable fabric. The pant https://www.uniformsandscrubs.com/urbane-ultimate-9399-maternity-pant.html and the top https://www.uniformsandscrubs.com/urbane-ultimate-9699-maternity-top.html come in five colors.

We hope this helps those of you who are "in the family way" as my grandma used to say. To add to that pregnancy glow, choose your style and color of these great fashions to look and feel your best and rock the bump!